Keyword Planner in Google Ads Will Show The Most Relevant Options For The COP

Google Ads has updated the Keyword Planner so that advertisers can see the most relevant options for the COP.

Keyword Planner in Google Ads

For example, if the word “boots” is entered, then among the options may be “women’s boots”, “men’s boots”, “work boots” and “cowboy boots”. Advertisers will also have the opportunity to expand their search by adding recommended words to the initial word.

Google Ads

In addition to helping to prioritize keywords, Google Ads also launched two more new features that are designed to give more control over the display of variants of the COP. Among them:

  • Site-Based Filtering.

     The ability to filter variants of the COP in such a way that displayed only those keywords that are most closely associated with the company (based on its site).

  • The exclusion of brands.

     The ability to exclude those variations of keywords that contain branded terms.

At the moment, all these changes are launched only in the English version of the service. In other languages, they will be available later this year.

Recall that Google launched the Keyword Planner in the new Google Ads interface in 2018. Work on it was completed in May of this year. After the new version of the tool became fully functional, Google stopped supporting the old version of the Scheduler.

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